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We are a technical and logistics company located in Karachi, Pakistan. We provide services of electronic products,systems development, repairs and logistic support. Solar energy equipment procurement, installation and repairs is also a focus area of the company


The Solar Division focuses on Sale, Installation, Repair and Consultancy related to industry and residential requirments. A wide range of solar equipment is available from highly reliable German make to competative Chinese products.


The Research and Development Division carries out Development of new Electronic Products and also accomplish Modification of existing systems by enhancing their features.


The Logistic Division of the company provides services of supply chain for Electronic, Electrical and IT equipment from local and vendors abroad.


The Repair Division carries out repair of solar systems, electronic system and industry automation. Solar system includes all types of inverters, solar pumps and charge controllers.

Our Services

Friendly Staff

The staff of electromech Technologies is extremely courteous and friendly and ready to answer any query or request with a smile

Online Consultation

Online consultation is regularly done with our clients abroad and with service providers to meet requirements of design, delivery and cost.


Logistics is an important part of the company services. Client’s requirements for electronic components and items are processed for procurement from local and abroad market and deliveries mode.


Repair of solar inverters and pumps. Also repair of industry automotive systems and electronic items/systems


Carry out installation of solar equipment to meet customer satisfaction and produce best performance


Design, Develop and Produce electronic equipment to meet our clients need

Our Latest Products

Our latest electronic development work was instrumentation for sea-going ships and repair work of 3KW infini solar inverter. The logistic support division has been successfully meeting industrial needs of reliable electronic components from USA and China at most competitive prices.

Meet Our Experts

Electromech Technologies has a qualified and professionally competent team of Consultants, Engineers and Technicians

Mohazzab Javed

Mohazzab Javed

Mohammed Qasim

Mohammed Qasim

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