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MicroController C Language Programming

Product Description

We have a wide range of micro controller design and programming experience. We have designed software that communicates through a variety of common protocols including Modbus, GSM/GPRS, GPS, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, LAN, RF remotes, RFID, ATS, SD card, EEPROM, RTC, TCP/IP and Various Proprietary Protocols. We have designed and implemented several control systems and Data Acquisition systems in ‘C’ language.

Most microcontroller software is written using ‘C’ language. ‘C’ language is different between different families of microcontroller, for instance an ‘C’ language program written for an Intel microcontroller will not work on a Motolora, Zilog or Microchip processor. We have programmed in many different ‘C’ languages for many varied microcontroller (include PIC microcontrollers, 8051, NXP, ARM STM32 cortex M3 and AVR)