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Military Grade PCBs Designing and Fabrication

The military’s tight requirements, need for high reliability, and long operation times under extreme environments, requires it to partner with a fabricator that is reputable, trustworthy, and knowledgeable about Military Grade PCBs.

Because of a strong network with the best MilSpec PCB Manufacturers in the United States and China, ELECTROMECH ENGINEERING PAKISTAN offers the most reliable MilSpec Printed Circuits Boards. We offer Rogers,Rigid and Rigid-flex mil spec PCB.

There are no limitations on order quantity or lead time on a military PCB fabrication order.

Military PCB Certifications

ELECTROMECH ENGINEERING PAKISTAN manufacturing partners build their boards to MilSpec certification standards such as MIL-55110, MIL-50884 and MIL-31032. They have a proven track record with military PCB prototype and military PCB production using standard and advanced technologies. To view our milspec production capabilities and specifications please download the file attached with it.