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Multi-Layer PCB Assembling
Faran Building C/5, 201, PHASE-V DHA, Karachi.
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Multi-Layer PCB Assembling

Product Description

Whether you’ve finalized a PCB design, or you’re ready for PCB prototyping, or require high volume production, we’re ready to fulfill your PCB assembly requirements.

Assembling services are flexible enough to handle low-to-high volume requirements or high and low-mix products with efficiency. From design through assembly and test, quality is a top priority.

Capabilities Include: Complex double-sided, SMD, Ball Grid Array (BGA), Micro-BGA, flip-chip, fine-pitch, and high density component placement capabilities, in-circuit and functional testing and BGA rework tools

We offer:

1). Better quality
2). Faster delivery
3). Reliability
4). Complete confidentiality