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Diagnostics and device repair services

Of all the good reasons to choose Electromech for your electronic repairs, perhaps none is more important than our extensive array of test and diagnostic tools. When you select Electromech to repair your electronic components, they are thoroughly evaluated and diagnosed using advanced test equipment and proprietary software techniques. Your electronic components are then repaired by our trained, conscientious electronics technicians, who have been certified in ESD and IPC electronics repair and rework standards. After the repair is completed, your component is 100% functionality tested to guarantee repair integrity.

Dedicated Team

A team of dedicated service engineers offers comprehensive diagnostics and repair services for your industrial instruments. Save costs and resources and minimize possible downtimes of your products. By combining extensive application know-how with specialized tools, we are able to deliver quality, quick and precise service.

  • Failure cause identification at your local facility
  • Instrumentation returned safely and securely
  • Generation of repair reports detailing breakdown data and corrective actions
  • Printed Circuit Board Repairs

Market Strategy

Leading Market

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Benefit of Service

Quickly solve device failures on-site or at your local facility

  • Repair of all types of equipments
  • Regular maintenance and servicing of equipment.
  • Reconditioning of equipment
  • Per hour rate for shortly repair times

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